Occasional Loss of Temper

announcement at a doorPeople here sometimes resort to strong language when it is absolutely unnecessary and at occasions where you would not expect it. On the image above, tenants used the house caretaker’s notice about office hours during the holidays to vent their rage. Freely translated: “Assholes, close these fucking doors!” (I’m not using any *** to preserve the original spirit). I think a note starting with “please” would have done a better job. Of course, the door was not closed.

Verbal outbursts like those occur almost randomly in traffic disputes (e.g. tram drivers love to call women drivers “kráva” – “cow” or “bitch”) or in discussions on the web. While I do appreciate the availability of four-letter words in certain situations for “private use”, their frequent deployment in public is something I still haven’t gotten used to yet.

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