Jaroslav Hlava (source: WIkipedia)

The Curious Case of Dr. Dysentery

Something really funny from the history of medicine. This is how it happened: In 1887, the pathologist Dr. Jaroslav Hlava writes an article with the title O úplavici – předběžné sdělení, in English: On Dysentery – a preliminary notice. Stephanos Kartulis translates this article for the German journal Zentralblatt für …

Open-Air Office in the Park

Open-Air Office in the Park

The people behind the project “Pracovna v parku” plan to establish an outdoor office space in the park Riegrovy Sady. All you need for your work under trees is a table, a chair, electricity and Wi-Fi, the initiators say.

Prague door handle

The Prague Map of Door Handles

What, in your opinion, constitutes a picturesque city? The overall impression, or the sum of details? In Prague, you probably need to …

The Reason Why You Should Vote

This campaign spot of the Social Democrats for the upcoming EU election has received mixed responses. The spot apparently tries to interest …

"My father is a terrorist"

Street Art

“My father is a terrorist” – confessed in Prague 7.